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The Mentor Sessions

Oct 10, 2017

Welcome back, everyone! Today, I am excited to bring to you the wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm of my friend Trina Altman. Trina is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor who is passionate about varied movement. Rather than rigidly adhering to one school of movement, Trina was unable to unlock the potential of her own body by combining the tenets of both Yoga and Pilates, and she brings an embodied and wise awareness to movement of all kinds.  She has taken her years of experience and transformed them into online courses that you can take at home, called Yoga Deconstructed and Pilates Deconstructed.  

As we chat this week, Trina and I will discuss her journey to finding a mode of movement that worked for her body, and how she turned that into a teaching practice for private clients and group classes. Trina will also explain the types of movement that she tries to incorporate into her classes, and why static poses are not your friend! I think her perspective is great for teachers who feel a little confined by one type of yoga, and are ready to explore the wide world of varied movement. You’ll leave with more than a little bit of wisdom, I assure you!

More from this info-packed episode:  

  • Trina shares the studio and the teachers that shaped her own teaching practice.  
  • From Yoga to Pilates—how Trina decided to pursue her second certification.   
  • Varied movement and mindful movement classes that Trina really enjoys.  
  • Breaking down the little pieces of movement to teach the skills we need to move better.  
  • Common pitfalls to combat as a teacher.  
  • Diving into sensory feedback methods.
  • A breakdown of movement deconstruction.  
  • Ways that you can experience a class with Trina, even if you aren’t in L.A.   

Follow Trina on Social Media—you won’t be disappointed! Instagram: @TrinaAltman  

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